Azarayo was a slave on his home planet, as was 98% of the planet's civilization. His ruler and king was one who abused his power and authority, and simply despised and disrespected those lower than his authority. Basically, all those who served him. After many years of serving his ruler, never gaining anything from it, being let down by his ruler's false promises and being degraded, Azarayo made the choice to rebel against his ruler. Azarayo had questioned his ruler's ways, as to why he ever became ruler. Believing that he himself could do better then his own ruler. But because of this, His ruler became furiously enraged with him. Claiming that no lower being, not even a slave such as Azarayo will ever become a ruler of any kind. As a result, Azarayo was banished to the outside where his kind is known to not be able to survive. The ruler then opened a portal to a random unknown galaxy (Which coincidentally happened to be the Ouranious Galaxy) and Azarayo is thrown into it, where the portal then instantly closes behind him. He was meant to drift through space helplessly until he died. He drifted through space for three days slowly losing his health, and his flames slowly became dimmer. At the point were he was about to die, he had drifted into a wormhole that brought him closer to a planet where he was quickly found and was brought back to the planet for medical assistance. Because Azarayo was so close to death, the doctors realized what they desperately needed to save this person's life. . . The power of a Gem. After using the Gem's power to save him, it created a reaction that turned his flame blue.

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Azarayo Without Robes

Affects From The GemEdit

Being revived through the Gem's power also added to his power. He has the ability to create lightning, but because of this his movements become very spontaneous and sometimes hard to control.