This is the history of the creation of Cosmic Gem.

-as told by Zach M. (in a third-person =P)

Where To Begin?

After playing his first-ever Zelda game which is The Wind Waker, Zach M. was inspired to make a video game of his own that had the same feel as what he had felt from playing Wind Waker (Video games were not introduced to Zach until around the year 1998, at a very later age than that of most kids. This may help for you to understand why his first Zelda game was Wind Waker, and was not until three-or-so years after it was originally released.)

Influences for Cosmic Gem came from several things. The greatest influence may have been from the Disney movie Treasure Planet. But the true "trigger" so-to-speak, came straight from The Legend Of Zelda, specifically Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina Of Time (in that order too). Other major sources being: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and the Bible. One of the major aspects that has gone into the creation of Cosmic Gem since day one, is the implementing of several of Zach's ideas and creations that he was always coming up with from throughout the course of his life. Zach has always loved space and everything about it, being highly fascinated with the universe, the stars, the galaxies, and the planets. This had always inspired him in many ways.

It All Started With... What!?

The idea of inspiration that led to Cosmic Gem's creation came from what could be considered one of the most unusual sources for coming up with an idea for a story. And what that is...
The First Ever Writtin Idea Of What Has Become Cosmic Gem

This was the very first written idea that has now become Cosmic Gem. As is evident in the picture, it was originally called: "30,000 Stolen Jems". (Please ignore the misspelling)

is a white plastic clothes hanger! Yes, a clothes hanger. Upon looking at it one day, Zach thought to himself how it looked like it could make a fancy Boomerang, as his imagination kicked in and he started pretending to use it as if it were a Boomerang. But then he began to think further, and thought of other things that it could be that are in the same shape as a hanger/Boomerang. This resulted in a Bow, a Hang Glider, and a type of Kukri Knife. This led to the thought of how it would be cool if the Boomerang was able to transform into those things as well as others that were in the same shape. Just from all of this, an idea was born. He then started thinking of how it would be able to transform. The first idea was a powerful gem. This may have been unknowingly influenced by the jewel found in the center of the boomerang used in Wind Waker, or Rupees.

Not only was this his first idea for a video game, it would also mark as being the first "Major" story he has ever written. ("Major" meaning: Having a deep story line, a plot, thorough details, characters, chronology, etc.)

Zach wished to make his game truly stand out among other video games through several unique aspects. One way in which he felt he could make Cosmic Gem more unique as a video game was to have the Boomerang as the main weapon, as oppose to a sword or laser gun. Stating: "I didn't want to have something like a sword as the main weapon, I feel that it's just way too cliche."

What Almost Was...

Though it was originally intended to be a Flash game, it was soon realized that everything he had in mind could never in a million years ever be accomplished with such a program as Flash. So work on that was quickly eliminated. But he didn't just want to do nothing, so he ended up making a preview trailer with Flash instead.

He knew very well that this was something he could not do on his own, so he first requested the help of his friend Jay. It was also apparent that he would have to start his own video game company in order to distribute the games. The attempt was made by Zach to form a company named: Z-Bot Gaming.

This is NOT the finished history.