kept the item. It is unclear how Grant managed to clear the Universal Temple, remove the Boomerang, and return without trouble. It is also unclear why Grant would remove the ancient relic instead of informing an excavation/exploration group, such as the scientists of _planetNameUnknown_.

The Boomerang eventually came into the hands of the main hero, _heroNameUnknown_, where it came to life that night. Coincidentally, _heroNameUnknown_ received as a gift the relic, and _mainAntagonistNameUnknown_ stole one of the gems shortly afterwards. The activation of the stolen gem caused the Boomerang to awaken. Unfortunately, its awakening drained the life force of _heroNameUnknown_, causing him to pass out. He awoke later to find the Boomerang greeting him with a history of the Universe, his life story (which is short, relative to the history of the universe), and why he was now awakened. He does not explain why his awakening also wisked him and _heroNameUnknown_ several hundred thousand miles away to the moon base. It has been theorized that one function of the Boomerang is teleportation, including over great distances. This theory has not been verified.

The Boomerang can be augmented to greater functionality by adding more gems to it. Some functionality includes: _functionalityUnknown_. This is analogous to Samus' power cannon.

The Boomerang also acts as a key. Specifically, the Boomerang can be used to enter the Universal Temple. This does not help the paradox of Chris Grant obtaining the Boomerang in the Universal Temple without the key. It is analogous to one locking one's keys in the car, yet still getting the keys, and therefore into the car. Maybe the car is a convertible, or the windows are open? Many possible theories...

Further, _unknown_.